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Michael Nance
Michael Nance has been sentenced to death for murder in the escape after a botched bank robbery in 1993. Since then he is on death row in Georgia/USA.
Michael does not deny having committed this crime and regrets it very much.

He was heavily addicted to drugs and is trying in court to prevent him from being executed by lethal injection. Instead, he has applied for a firing squad because due to his drug addiction at the time, his veins are very difficult to find and their condition is very bad. Execution by lethal injection would therefore be extremely painful for him because he has "severely compromised" veins that are difficult to locate. Attempting to execute him by injection could even cause his veins to burst.

However, Michael also writes to us: "I don't want to be killed, by the state or any other way, I have a lot to live for."

In fact, Michael has changed a lot during the decades on death row and he reflects on his past. For this reason, he plans to write a book about his life with us, in the hope of saving others from a fate like his.

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